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WORSHIP: The Worship Committee seeks to provide numerous opportunities for persons to gather together to worship.  On most Sundays, there are two worship services: an 8:30 am service (with a traditional liturgy and music) and an 11:00 am service (with a contemporary format and music).  There are occasionally services on Sunday evenings, such as an annual healing service.  During the Wednesday nights n Advent there are special services, and community services on the Wednesday nights of Lent.  Each November, there are evening revival services on a Sunday through Wednesday.  During Holy Week, we have an evening service on Maundy Thursday, and an evening community Good Friday Service.  Two other community services are the Easter Dawn service and a Thanksgiving Eve Service.  On Christmas Eve, there are two candlelight services.  Throughout the year, this provides numerous opportunities for people to gather together to worship God in the company of other believers.  To see what is happening now, CLICK HERE

ADULTS: There are many opportunities for adults to gather together to learn, to be of service, and to participate in fellowship activities.  We have Bible studies that meet on several different days of the week, some during the day and some at night.  There are periodic fellowship events, such as the Married Couples Club (which meets monthly).  There are learning/fellowship/support groups that meet, such as a monthly women's group, and a weekly men's group.  There are several adult Sunday School classes, and a rotation of short-term learning opportunities (like Disciple Bible study, and Christian Believer).  We also have run an Alpha program on the Sunday nights of Lent for the last two years.  To see what is happening now, CLICK HERE

YOUTH: Through the years, JUMC has felt a calling from God to be in ministry with not only the teenage children of current members, but also the youth of our community (many of whom have no other church involvement).  To enlarge this ministry, a full-time youth director was added to the staff in 2003 to help oversee this ministry.  The youth program meets regularly for weekday evening activities, and a Sunday night youth program.  There are fellowship activities, fun outings, and service activities on various other days throughout the year.  Twice  a year, the youth  lead the congregation in worship on a Sunday morning.  For more information about the youth ministry, contact TOM ROBINSON

CHILDREN: We have a variety of programs, events, and ministries that are designed to teach the basics of the Christian faith to children.  On Sunday mornings, there is a Children's Sunday School program that opens with a time of singing and celebration.  The children then move into classes for lessons with children their own age.  Monthly there is a fun fellowship event for young children and their parents (called PACT, for "Parents and Children Together"), as well as numerous other events througout the year.  There is a summer Vacation Bible School program each year, as well as annual Easter and Christmas children's programs.  On Sunday mornings, a Children's Choir sings once a month in both the 8:30 am and 11;00 am worship services (with practices every other Sunday night).  A Children's Church  time also occurs once a month, with the children being dismissed from the 11:00 am service right after the Children's Sermon for a time of learning and worship using age appropriate materials.  To find out what might be happening this month, check out the NEWSLETTER

CAMPING: Our congregation is a member of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church.   The EPC/UMC has four great camps: Carson-Simpson Farm, Pocono Plateau, Innabah, and Gretna Glen.  Since camping is a time when children and youth can have fun, make life-long friends, and learn about Jesus in a great atmosphere, we actively support camping ministry.  Children of members can apply for scholarships to help offset the cost of going to camp.  Numerous adults and teenagers help get Gretna Glen Camp (the closest one to us) open each year.  Through the years, there also have been numerous members of the congregation who have volunteered and served as staff members at the various camps.  To  find out more about each camp, and this year's camp opportunities, check out their web sites:

               CARSON-SIMPSON FARM                  POCONO PLATEAU                      INNABAH                  GRETNA GLEN

CAREGIVING: The ministry of caring for others is coordinated by the Care Team.  The Care Team consists of the Care Contact Team and the Funeral Luncheon Team.  The former responds to care concerns in the congregation in the form of cards and calls, visits to the hospital or home, church flowers taken to those who are shut-in or ill, and delivery of prepared meals to those unable to cook due to illness, or surgery.  The latter, upon  request, plans and serves funeral luncheons in our church following a funeral service.  We have divided the calendar among the members of our Care Contact Team, so each one is the Care Contact person for one of the rotating weeks.   We also maintain contact with students, military personnel, and shut-ins throughout the year to let them know we are thinking about them.  We welcome new members to our team, and also welcome suggestions and referrals of care concerns and contacts to be made.  We also have an Emergency Response Team which will help with transportation, and in "as needed help" situations as they arise within the congregation.  Please talk to Pam Gray to volunteer or to make referrals.  You can also check out the Care Team articles that are periodically in the NEWSLETTER.

MISSIONS/OUTREACH: Going beyond the walls of the church to proclaim the message of Christ's love is the lifeblood of a congregation.  We do not exist for ourselves, but for others.  Through missions, and other outreach activities, we seek to be involved in people's lives in such a way that we can (through our own mission activities or through the mission activities of missionaries and mission organizations with whom we are in partnership) introduce people to Jesus Christ, and invite them to become His disciples.  To carry out this work, we partner with numerous missionaries and mission organizations, through the United Methodist Church and outside of it, as well as through the direct involvement of our members on mission trips.  Our partners in these endeavors are local, regional, national, and scattered around the globe.  To find out about those with whom we have partnered, CLICK HERE. To find out what we are doing in reaching out to our community in other ways, CLICK HERE.