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~ Welcome ~

1 John 4:8 tells us that "God is love."  This is the essence of who He is, and what He seeks to bring about in the world.  As disciples of Jesus (whose essence as the Son of God is also, therefore, love), we feel called to work with God to help Him offer His love to the world.

We seek to do this through worship services, Bible studies, and numerous ministries which reach out into the community.  We seek to do this through fellowship events, partnering with missionaries near and far, and working with other ministry groups like Lebanon County Christian Ministries and the Jonestown Outreach Ministry (JOY) Food Bak.  We also do this both individually as Christians, and collectively as the Body of Christ, the Church.

As a congregation of the United Methodist Church, we do these things within a Wesleyan theology, in an evangelical and ecumenical spirit, and always and foremost for the glory of God for all that He enables us to do through the power of His grace.  For we know that we are saved "by faith and not by works."

If you are seeking meaning for your life, and want to embark on the journey of becoming (or deepening your life as) a disciple of Jesus Christ, we invite you to join us.

What does it mean to be (or be maturing as ) a disciple of Jesus Christ?

A Maturing Believer . . .

Is committed to letting God transform them from being someone who lives by the ways of this world to being someone who lives by God's ways, by "reaching in with Jesus Christ" through prayer, worship, and Bible study.

Is committed to working with God to help Him transform others from being people who live by the ways of this world to being people who live by God's ways, by "reaching out with Jesus Christ" through giving, service, and missions.