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Dr. Simeon Kashala
Tresorerie Generale du Nord Katanga
No. 30-2, Avenue Likasi
Lubumbashi, DR Congo

Our church supports Samuteb Hospital in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa, through the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM). This hospital is in a rural area, very isolated and difficult to reach by road. It has a great Christian health ministry to this area of Africa. These ministries include Samuteb Hospital, a nursing school, a secondary school, and many village medical clinics. There is also a tuberculosis unit and a leprosy sanitarium on the hospital property.

In 2007 Dr. Simeon Kashala, MD, MPH, the head doctor at Samuteb Hospital, was approved as a missionary under the GBGM, although our church does not specifically give money for his support. He has worked in rural health ministry for 11 years. Often the staff has to work without pay for months or more at a time often without sufficient medical supplies and medicines. Electricity is usually only available for surgeries.

War in that country has disrupted the lives of many people for many years. Politically things are beginning to improve a bit and there is not open war. Travel is still difficult. In fall of 2007 Rukang Chicomb, of the UM-sponsored “Wings of the Morning,” was able to land an airplane there safely for the first time in over 7 years. He brought several month’s worth of back pay for the medical staff and also badly needed medicines and supplies.

Prayer requests:
Pray that those impacted by the work of Samuteb Hospital will come to know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
Pray that those who are sick or hurt will come first to be treated at the hospital or village clinics instead of going to the feticheur who treats according to ancestral witchcraft powers and superstitions. Often people die or are seriously maimed because of their advice.
Pray that their medical staff can go to remote villages to give health education, health clinics, and public awareness of the dangers of using witchcraft. Pray that God would provide the necessary money for the means of transport and for fuel.
Pray that they will receive the money to buy mattresses needed for the hospital.
Pray for Dr. Kashala who has much work and many responsibilities. Pray for his medical staff.
Pray for the secondary school and the nursing school.
Pray for the village clinics: for those who provide help in the name of Jesus and for those who need healing and health education
Pray for safety and needed support for Rukang Chicomb, pilot for “Wings of the Morning,” who flies in needed supplies, medicines, and pay, whenever possible.

You can give to these programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by making out checks to our own church and listing these Advance Special Numbers and names:
00596A - Samuteb Memorial Hospital, Africa, Congo, Kapanga (for drugs and medical support)
15164Z - Dr. Simeon Kashala, Africa, Congo (salary support)
08595A - Wings of Caring (air transport and salary support for Rukang Chicomb, pilot/mechanic)