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70 Queen Center
Beverly, KY
(606) 598-3155

An Institution of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church within the Red Bird Missionary Conference. Red Bird Mission, guided by Jesus Christ, empowers individuals and advocates justice by providing spiritual, educational, health, and community outreach ministries.

Red Bird Mission and Clinic have been providing ministries in this region of the Appalachian Mountains since 1921. Today the need remains critical in this isolated, rural distressed area. Chronic poverty, lack of jobs, poor housing, and rugged mountainous terrain provide obstacles to a fuller life for the residents of the is area. Red Bird Mission and Clinic strives to meet these needs through ministry in five areas: Education, Health and Wellness, Community Outreach, Economic Opportunity, and Community Housing Improvement, Work Camp, Home Repair, and Mission Facilities. Volunteers are an important part of the ministry of Red Bird Mission.

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

Education: Tutors, School Nurse, Secretarial Aid, Classroom & Library Aids
Community Outreach: Transportation Drivers, Senior Center activities, Meals on Wheels, Family Ministries, Christmas Room, Respite Care
Health & Wellness: Doctors, nurses, dental hygenists, and other medical professionals. Must obtain KY licensing.
Economic Opportunity: Cashier, warehouse worker, craft marketing
Community Housing Improvement: Crew leaders, cooks, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, auto mechanics, facility caretakers
Office: Data entry, web development, marketing, secretarial duties, computer hardware/software

Financial Giving
Take a special offering.
Support a Missionary or the Mission through The Advance Prayer Support
Collect Campbell Soup Labels and Box Tops for Education for use by Red Bird Mission School.