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Cell phone: 254-720-8124

Rev. Dr. Nderitu is a graduate of Evangelical School of Theology, Myerstown, PA. He and his wife, Joyce, work in evangelism and Christian leadership training in Kenya, Africa. They work in church planting, Bible teaching, and organizing Christian conferences and conventions. They also direct ministries working with those who have HIV/AIDS, the underprivileged, and those who are physically and mentally handicapped. Other ministries provide job skill training for youth so that they may become self-reliant and responsible adults.

Prayer requests:
Pray for support for Simon and Joyce Nderitu. Since they have begun these ministries themselves, they do not have the support of a mission organization and depend on donations. They need money to feed their family and pay basic bills. Although Joyce has tried to find part-time work, there is nothing available in that area.
Pray for the Greenhouse Church, their new church plant. Pray that funds will come in so that construction on the church will be able to be completed.
Pray for their ministry to needy children.
Pray for funds so that they can help people who need food: children in their area, and also families that are displaced as a result of chaotic situations in Kenya and other parts of Africa.