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Email Ron and Julie Heinsman

TEAM Taiwan:

Ho Chuang Road Lane 980, #26
Taichung, Taiwan 40679

Ron and Julie Heinsman are missionaries we support through TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) in Taiwan. Ronís primary work is directing the camping ministry. He works with children, youth, and adults. This very popular, up-to-date camping ministry reaches out to all in the community many of whom know nothing about Jesus.

Julie works part-time in the Counseling Center, and also as a teacher and coach at Morrison Academy, a Christian school in the city of Taichung. One of her jobs is to help students find good Christian colleges to attend. Their son, Mark, and daughter, Teri, have both graduated from Morrison Academy and are in colleges in the USA while their parents continue ministry in Taiwan. Both of them help in Christian ministries.

Prayer requests:
Pray for the Taiwanese church as it reaches out to the people of Taiwan.
Pray for those in youth work as they bring the gospel to young people surrounded by idol worship and false traditions.
Pray for the camping ministry as it reaches out in the name of Jesus.
Pray that TEAM may be able to buy a new larger camping property, a difficult task in Taiwan. They have been working on this project for a number of years. Their current site is enclosed by the city, and they would like a larger, better camping site in a more rural area. Buying property there is a long, frustrating, tedious and expensive process, involving much paperwork and approval of Taiwanese authorities.
Pray for the Heinsman family as they work to serve God in Taiwan.
Pray for their children as they are far from their parents while studying in the United States.

Financial contributions can be made through our church, or sent to:
TEAM, P.O. Box 969, Wheaton, IL 61189-0969, for account #54-03985.