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Florencio Guzman, his wife, Maria, and their sons, Johnny and Joshua, are missionaries we support through The Mission Society of the United Methodist Church. Their work area centers in the large city of Monterrey, Mexico. They are expanding their ministry to more locations for the people in Mexico who have problems because of poverty, family breakdowns, witchcraft, drugs, and alcohol. Some children and adults with whom they work are so poor that they have to pick through the town garbage piles for food and necessities.

The Guzmans work in several mission centers and also teach Christian principles in the local schools. They work in evangelism, Vacation Bible Schools, youth work, and in discipleship programs. They also help people with their economic problems. Their sons are a great asset in the ministry. Johnny is a musician and works with computers. Joshua is a chemical engineer who is working on his doctoral degree.

Prayer Requests:
Pray for the money needed for the Guzman family’s financial support
Pray for the health of the Guzman family
Pray for finances to supply the needs for their building projects
Pray for the finances needed to support their staff members